martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

Magazine: The golden gate

The golden gate bridge, an american icon

San Francisco’s famous orange bridge is 80 years old this year. But the engineers and workers who build it had a difficult job.
The bridge’s official colour, “international orange”, has made it one of the famous bridges in the world. But at first, people weren’t convinced. The orange chosen is the result of a chemical mixture.
It’s the longest suspension bridge and is divided into six lines for traffic and was built with 75.000 tons of steel and 120.000 rivets were used. Designing it was complicated because it is in a bay that has frequent earthquakes and had to resist violent winds.
I’ve visited this bridge and it’s my favourite one because it has a great design and the colour is very impressive when you see it for the first time. It’s very long and we took a good walk to cross it, but it’s so nice because the sights and the landscape are so beautiful.

Magazine: Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow will be back in the fifth movie of pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Johnny Depp just wanted to be in a fun Disney movie for children, but Captain Sparrow became Depp’s favourite character to play. He sais: “When a ten-year-old kid tells me he loves Jack Sparrow... That’s real magic for me.”
Jack Sparrow is strange, but also very clever and loyal and haves lots of little objects in their dreadlocks and each one represents a memory from an adventure.

In my opinion, Jack Sparrow is a very cool pirate and the main character of my favourite movies saga since I was very young. I love the way he walks and speaks because they’re so funny and original and I can’t wait to watch the new movie that I’ve been waiting for since 2011.

miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017


Writing: Dialogue

- What should I do to get fit?
- If I were you, I'd do more exercise and eat more food, but more healthy.
- Would you suggest me sleeping more?
- Yes, sleeping at least 8 hours a day it's a very important thing.
- Should I do anything else?
- Yes, you have to go into a routine and earn good habits because you won't lose a lot of weight in two days, but if you do what I said, in a few months you'll see that you're better.

Email to Peter

Writing: Email

Hi Peter,
My name is Lluís. I'm 15 years old and as you know, I live in Banyoles, Spain. I practice rowing and skiing and I'm a very athletic person so I like to do lots of activities. I also love playing video games and drawing.
My school is very near my home. It's called Casa Nostra, the teachers are very kind and we do lots of activities.
See you soon. Love

Letter to Sabrina

Writing: Letter to Sabrina

Dear Sabrina,
Thanks for your letter and it was great to hear from you. Answering your question, my favourite day is Saturday.
One reason I like Saturday is because I don't have school and I can do things that I can't in school days. I usually meet friends and we have lots of fun doing different activities. I also play video games and draw, which are my favourite hobbies. Now I'm drawing famous characters. My last one is about Darth Vader.
On Saturday I also go to rowing training in the morning which is the best time to row. Sometimes, I also have lunch with my family in a restaurant or we visit places near our town and in the evening, we sometimes watch a film.
Hope I've answered your question properly. Looking forward meeting you soon.

The surprise

Writing: The surprise

One day after a big snowfall, me, my sister and my father went skiing into a big forest full of snow. We went there to ski on the "new" snow because it's the best one.

We were having lots of fun when suddenly, my father disappeared and we couldn't find him. We were calling and searching him when we heard a noise that sounded like a branch breaking. We went towards the noise very disappointed and scared to the end of the forest.

Suddenly, we saw a chairlift and a bar when we went out of the forest and my father was waiting there for us. He didn't get lost because he went faster than us and we thought that he got lost. We got a big surprise.

Skiing journey

Writing: Skiing journey

1st day: I've started my skiing season! I was really enthusiastic about it because I've waited for more than 6 months to go skiing again and this year I'll compete in a higher league so I hope it will be great. I'm very motivated!

2nd day: The first time it was a bit strange because I didn't remember much how to ski, but in a few hours I got adapted and skied like always. I like a lot my group because they're all good friends. When I was going down the downhill, we jumped through a bump and I fell after jumping and finished full os snow.

Last day: It was a great experience to go skiing again! After the skiing day, my legs hurt a bit and I was tired. This experience has made me learn that practising sport with friends is much more fun. After doing exercise you feel better and you also rest better!